A graduate of Eastern Kentucky University, Caleb Jordan Burchett was born and raised in Eastern Kentucky Appalachia. Caleb was diagnosed with Common Variable Immune Deficiency at the age of eight, the treatment for this condition can be time-consuming and somewhat painful at times. His current treatment is sub-q and he administers the medication himself weekly. He uses art to distract himself from this process, as a child this is where his love for art started. In his studio practice, he expresses his love for nature, his loved ones, the human body, landscape, current topics, and the south. Burchett recently has been using photography, mixed media, printmaking, and painting to express these subjects. Mr. Burchett has experience in teaching art in a K-12 environment, teaching art history, painting, printmaking, reusable material sculptures, and more! Burchett values and appreciates humor and making others laugh. His laugh is contagious and he has the right amount of sarcasm. Outside of the studio, Burchett enjoys baking homemade cakes, having Friday night dinners with his siblings and nieces, watching his nephew play baseball, and cruising town with friends.